Do you want absolutely amazing and authentic relationships that lead to high CLV customers, fans who sing your praises and send you referrals, and an employee turnover rate of nearly zero?

The time and effort it takes to build authentic long-term relationships can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it's necessary to build a successful business.

Building a large community of fans takes time, effort, and attention-whether it's your prospects or your stakeholders.

A successful online network also requires strong relationships with competitors as well.

Social media algorithms rank your business according to relationships, degree of closeness, consistency, and content quality. A business must have relationships with complementary businesses, competitors, and potential customers.

An authentic, engaged community provides massive benefits for a business.

Short-term benefits include top-of-mind brand awareness, valuable customer data, and free PR.

Long-term benefits include increased revenue, improved customer retention & clv, increased profitability & innovation, and decreased risk factors.

Engagement efforts are worth their weight in gold.

I help clients save time, get, and retain customers with Instagram profile and content audits, and/or done-for-you outbound engagement strategy services. I'll analyze your Account using data analytics and create an engagement plan that will expand your reach, create brand awareness, and expand your community.

I know how to maximize engagement efforts to save time and can teach those who have a smaller budget. I can help you create an effective DIY strategy and engagement plan.


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  • Melissa Lavigne
    September 22, 2020 at 12:11 am

    Toni is so amazing! She is super fun and is so creative!

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