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Melissa Lavigne Founder & CEO

Melissa Lavigne Founder & CEO

"My vision for LEADS Referral is to create events that people can attend to have FUN & network at the same time."

why Join LEADS Referral network?

LEADS Referral Network is a professional business networking group that supports each other and help one another grow their businesses.

We are different than most networking organizations because we create events that build community which are FUN and create great new long term connections.

Our community is designed to help businesses grow through face-to-face speed networking events and by building their online presence in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing through our powerful SEO’d directory which gets them fresh new traffic and customers to their websites.
Our founder; Melissa  Lavigne is a Professional Networker and has been a multi passionate entrepreneur for the past 25 years.  She has worn many hats : marketing specialist, marketing manager, event planner, interior designer, MOM, Vice President of PTA and now Founder of a fast growing networking company! Her mission is to help entrepreneurs meet new people and have FUN while they grow their business.


People LOVE LEADS Referral Events because they are full of energy and they have a good time.  Most don’t even feel like they are working, they just feel like they are being entertained or attending a social hour!!

As an added value, we bring powerful speakers and coaches to the events that give valuable advice on various different types of business topics to help YOU grow your bottom line now and into the future.

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